Beverly Hills Hair Free is not just about permanent hair removal and skin care. We are about empowerment and self confidence!

Founded by Alana Dzurek, Beverly Hills Hair Free is based upon the principle that true beauty is about inspiration, self confidence, and being your authentic self. Our clients come to us from all over the world seeking permanent hair removal of unwanted hair. Whether you are a female with a hormonal imbalance, someone going through a gender transition, or simply looking to remove a little hair for a more sexy look, our goal is to help you achieve your vision.

In addition to our unique permanent hair removal system, we have also applied these same principles to our skin care approach. Our research confirms the best products are those which are comprised from Seaweed because of our genetic make up. Our exclusive facials and waxing treatments are seaweed based products which contain hundreds of trace minerals and vitamins, that repair, heal and reverse skin damage, from our most trusted brand partner Repechage.

Empowerment, begins here…