Beverly Hills Hair Free is not just about “permanent” hair removal and skin care.  We are about technology innovation and most importantly about empowerment and self-confidence!

Founded by Alana Dzurek, a veteran in the field, and backed by specially trained and certified teams of spa directors and practitioners, as well as proprietary electrolysis equipment designed by an in-house team of engineers.

The BHHF System is based upon the principal that true beauty is about inspiration, self-confidence, and being your authentic self. Our clients come to us and, and our global network of certified practitioners, from all over the world seeking permanent hair removal no matter the hair color or skin color. Whether you are a woman with a hormonal imbalance, someone going through a gender transition, or simply looking to remove a little hair for a sexier look, our goal is to help our clients achieve their vision.

Empowerment, begins here…