Electrology Tech

Electrology Tech™ 

Electrology Tech corporation is responsible for research and development of new products and accessories, as well as the overall BHHF™ business.  Drawing upon Electrology Tech’s extensive experience in leading edge technologies, the R&D team has been hard at work developing the next generation epilators, accessories, and supplies like needles. Electrology Tech’s team of senior engineers and management are proud to introduce the first truly new and innovative, EPX36. Designed, developed and manufactured in California, the EPX36 will be the core technology behind the BHHF System. It is more compact, fully digital, portable and light years from any system currently available on the market.

R&D Team

Dr. Jack Torobin

Jack is Director of Business Development and Strategy.  He founded COMsciences, a management consulting firm that has grown globally.  He is a visionary and futurist who has an extensive network of global contacts through his work with many Fortune 500 technology and electronics companies.  From Japan and China, to the Middle East, Europe, South America and North America, he has been involved in numerous international and domestic programs to produce some of the world’s most innovative products including, but not limited to:  mobile phones, Internet of Things, virtual reality, and even video games.  His expertise in marketing strategies, project feasibility, overall business strategy, and sales has benefitted Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. In addition to his work with larger corporations, he advises technology start-ups and investment groups, helping add value to investments and on overall strategy, business development and branding.  Dr. Torobin has been working closely with Alana to develop and grow the BHHF brand and bring to life Electrology Tech.   Jack has a degree in BioSciences and Psychology from McGill University in Montreal and an PhD and MA in Communications and Technology from the University of Southern California.

Alex Kaay

Alex is Director of Technology and R&D at Electrology Tech.  He has made a career co-running projects in virtual reality (UCSB Allosphere), distributed programming, and industrial automation and robotics. He co-started Zymbit, and OpenH, as well as being closely involved with PingGPS. Alex’s has worked with ChevronTexaco, Los Alamos National Lab, various University of California campuses and a major health insurance exchange, among others. He is a patent expert witness, and holds multiple issued technology patents.   Alex is a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara. He has few peers with knowledge and expertise in building sophisticated, state-of-the-art hardware and systems.

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