Alana is a member of the Summit Surgery Team – a professional network of surgeons, anesthesiologists and doctors who facilitate a variety of medical conditions.

Alana has pioneered a genital hair removal technique that requires only 1 to 2 visits under general anesthesia for patients prior to their GRS (Gender Reassignment surgery).

Alana Dzurek, the Founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Hair Free is a Licensed Electrologist with over 20+ years of experience. An expert in her field, Alana is a contributor to Alana has spent years researching not only the electrolysis industry but the entire hair removal industry, from temporary methods like shaving and waxing, to DIY gadgets, to lasers and home electrolysis kits. She has devoted her entire career to finding the most effective, low cost, pain free hair removal treatments with the most rapid results.  From her extensive research, the Beverly Hills Hair Free system of permanent hair removal was born and is now recognized globally as the gold standard.

Alana is a consummate professional and well respected in the electrology industry and medical community.