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Top 10 Inspirational Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2021

Beverly Hills Hair Free is not just about permanent hair removal and skincare. We are about empowerment and self confidence! Founded by Alana Dzurek, Beverly Hills Hair Free is based upon the principle that true beauty is about inspiration, self-confidence, and being your authentic self.

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Alana, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

Born in Russia, grew up in Queens, NY. As a young 20 something I was unhappy and unfulfilled working as an executive assistant in NYC so I took a leap of faith to study Electrolysis, a profession I knew nothing about. I was probably the youngest Electrologist to enter the profession and was totally intimidated by the industry which still unfortunately operates via intimidation tactics. I realized my career choice was not simply a choice but my calling. As I became more involved treating difficult cases, I developed a large transgender clientele…. their stories touched, and inspired me, and my little hair removal business became a passion. I have devoted 20 years to this profession, to finding faster, pain-free solutions for permanent hair removal. Today my brand is internationally recognized and I am incredibly fortunate to be able to help so many people. I am blessed to be able to inspire people and give them back their confidence through empowerment and a hair free lifestyle.

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Beverly Hills Magazine: Where would you like your business to be in 5 years?

Alana Dzurek: I want to impact the Electrology industry, and make the Beverly Hills Hair Free system available to everyone in every city and Country. This would benefit the profession, and consumers all over the world. I receive calls and emails every day asking where people can find my system, or how their Electrologist can get this method. The more people I can help, the greater the reward.

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Gender Wellness Of Los Angeles

Talking Transgender Hair Removal with Electrologist, Alana Dzurek

Genwell: What makes your approach different from traditional electrolysis?

Alana Dzurek: Traditional Electrolysis uses one needle at a time, and most electrologists use thermolysis (heat similar to the laser), which results in tremendous re-growth. We use Galvanic electrolysis (our method creates Lye inside the follicle) limiting the re-growth rate up to 70% less than thermolysis. We also use a proprietary system that utilizes 16 to 32 needles simultaneously, the advantage with our system is that patients can tolerate longer treatments, with less frequent visits.

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